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ยป Haritha Organic Farms

Haritha Organic Farms

Haritha Organic Farms is a group of technologists lead by Mr. Hariharan a technically savvy farmer, providing agricultural consultancy and hi-tech horticulture development services in a Techno-commercial way. The group engaged in a wide range of agriculture related activities.

Haritha Organic Farms began as a small in-house pilot project by Mr. Hariharan whose works on organic sustainable agricultural development for marginal farmers.

Haritha Organic Farms help farmers to get introduced with latest technologies like drip and sprinkler irrigation system, water soluble fertilizers, organic farming, Zero waste farming, roof farming and green houses to improve their farming with proper agricultural solutions, also with best fertigation methods and Marketing tie up.

Haritha Organic Farms provides complete assistance in setting up the turnkey agricultural development projects right from preparing the bankable project reports, executing and tying up the marketing arrangements for the end produce.

Read more: Hariharan's aim is to protect his environment and provide good and tasty food as our ancestors eat.