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Introduction ยป Services


Farm & Farm House Development

We are proficient in offering services related to farms and farmhouse development. The experts on our team are efficient in providing services regarding project, development and maintenance of all types of farms, Read more..

Roof Farming

We have the required expertise for development of an exquisite Roof Farming platform. Urban areas with tall skyscrapers have no room for farm or green areas, so in this case roof farming is an easy option for pesticide free fresh vegetable loving generation. Read more..

Greenhouses & Poly House Consultancy

Greenhouse Technology provides crops with a controlled and favourable environment to grow in all seasons. Poly houses are much suitable for the cultivation of exotic vegetables. Our Greenhouses & Poly house consultancy services include crop selection, bed maintenance, drip irrigation system, planting and cultivation. Read more..

Irrigation Consultancy

We are providing consultancy of Sprinkler Irrigation, Drip irrigation and bore well water sources. Read more..

Rainwater Harvesting

We provide Rain Water Harvesting systems for houses, gardens and farms. Our specialist technicians and engineers offer designing and commissioning best suited for particular needs and develop rainwater storage facilities at catchments areas. Read more.. }

Organic & Zero waste Farm Consultancy

Grow food without pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Our consultation services includes Soil enrichment, Green manuring, Composting, Vermicomposting, Crop rotation, Local sourcing, Natural pest control , Mulching and Rainwater harvesting.

Biogas Plant

Energy from Biomass is one of the most widely used options. With the availability of new technologies there are various means to convert biomass into energy efficiently. We provide the technology for residential scale biogas digester, the heart of the Zero waste and sustainable Agriculture system. Read more..

Fish farming in Wet lands

The wet lands can be suitably developed to construct ponds for fish farming. There is more demand for fresh live than preserved fish available in the market.Read more

Wasteland development

Wasteland (degraded land), can be reclamation by Organic farming principles and the planting of suitable tree species and turning barren sterile wasteland into that is fertile and suitable for habitation and cultivation. Read more..