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Services ยป Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater harvesting is the accumulating and storing of the rainwater for reuse. It can be used drinking as well as for irrigation purposes. Rainwater collecting from roof of the building is generally known as rainwater harvesting and the rainwater collecting from the ground is called storm water harvesting. People around the world have been harvesting rainwater for thousands of years, but the concept started to be used widely nowadays due water scarcity problems.

There are two main techniques of rainwater harvestings
  1. Storage of rainwater on surface for future use by using under ground tanks, ponds etc.
  2. Recharge to ground water, which is a new concept of rainwater harvesting and the structures generally used are pits, trenches, dug wells and spreading techniques.

Rainwater harvesting systems can be simple to construct from inexpensive local materials. We provide Rain Water Harvesting systems for houses, gardens and farms. Our specialist technicians and engineers offer designing and commissioning best suited for particular needs and develop rainwater storage facilities at catchments areas.

Interested in a rain water collection system for your residential or commercial property? We have the required expertise for development of an exquisite Rainwater Harvesting System. For more details please send a mail to info@harithaorganicfarms.com