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Roof farming

Roof top farming or Roof farming is the cultivation of vegetables on the roof of a building. Roof farming is a specialised area in horticulture.

Studies by the United Nations indicated that the level of world urbanisation will increase from 50 % in 2009 to 69% in 2050. This creates a significant pressure to maintaining the ecological equilibrium and harmonising the relationship between nature and the human being.

Urban areas with tall skyscrapers have no room for farm or green areas, so in this case roof farming is an easy option for pesticide free fresh vegetable loving generation. It gives a touch of green & eco friendly nature to the houses and hotels without requiring much maintenance & capital. It is possible to produce a variety of fruit, grain and vegetable crops on roof tops either in container as a field crop.

One of the most common barriers to the adoption of sustainable alternatives is lack of confidence and easily accessible straightforward and tested work on roof farming.

  1. No extra cost for farm space.
  2. It can produce fresh vegetables in organic way.
  3. No transportation and hence no packaging and preservation materials.
  4. Recycling organic waste by composting.- It can use the biodegradable wastes from kitchen and hence reduce the waste from your home to municipal garbage.
  5. Mitigate urban heat island - Reduce the overall heat absorption of the building and hence get a cool environment inside the building.
  6. Improve air quality- It produces fresh air with sufficient amount of oxygen.

  7. We have the required expertise for development of an exquisite Roof farming platform. For more details please send a mail to info@harithaorganicfarms.com