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Biogas typically refers to a gas produced by the biological breakdown of organic matter in the absence of oxygen (anaerobic digestion). Biogas comprises primarily methane and carbon dioxide and may have small amounts of hydrogen sulphide and moisture. This gas is flammable in presence of oxygen; this energy release allows biogas to be used as a fuel. Biogas is a renewable fuel, so it qualifies for renewable energy subsidies by many government organisations. Methane burns with a blue flame, without producing any smoke or soot. It is therefore an environmentally friendly cooking system.

In theory, any organic material can be decomposed anaerobically to produce biogas, but some materials work better than others. In general, materials need to be rich in energy and easily digestible can be used for making biogas. Cow dung, pig litter, vegetable, poultry litter, bush waste, sewage, food waste, grass and vegetable etc can be used for making biogas. The small amount of solid residues obtained (in the form of slurry) after the production of biogas can be used as natural manure, which is rich in Nitrogen content.

Typical composition of biogas from a properly designed bio digester is given below
Compound Chem %
Methane CH4 50 - 75
Carbon dioxide CO2 25 - 50
Nitrogen N2 0 - 10
Hydrogen H2 0 - 1
Hydrogen sulfide H2S 0 - 3
Oxygen O2 0
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Haritha Oraganic Farms will be providing necessary technical advice for all those who are prepared to implement the bio waste treatment plant for the generation of bio energy. For further information please send a mail to info@harithaorganicfarms.com